Learn About Credit

The credit score is created based on a series of information that streams to one of the three credit reporting agencies. This includes Experian, and TransUnion-we work with them as well. Plus, when you take into account how your score is rated it’s going to prove itself to be a daunting task. First,we get all of your information upfront, and garner your credit rating based on that.

Then we look into the why aspect of how you arrived at a bad credit score, couple that with how to repay and fix and you have our secrete recipe for success.


What is a credit score?

It’s a series of numbers that are created based on a mathematical score that is tabulated by the amount of defaults you have under your name, and the amount of people that have inquired about your credit score.


How To Fix?

Credit scores need to be researched, and they take time to fix them. We are ready to get you the scores you need when you need them. We are also ready to help you achieve the goals and dreams you need!


What does a credit score offer?

Credit scores are hard to get rid of, and we know that. Help us to help you become the person your always wanted to be and call Continental Credit repair today!